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Housing conditions survey

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Should I answer if I do not live at the address given in the letter?

Yes, in this case you should respond to the survey. The questions relate to the dwelling, not you as a person. Therefore we would appreciate it if you log in and answer one simple question about this. Then we know that you no longer live at the address given in the letter.

Should I answer if I own the dwelling you are enquiring about?

Yes, if you own the dwelling, we have insufficient information about your dwelling in our register. We ask that you log in and answer two short questions. You will then be entered in a cash prize draw.

I have trouble answering myself, so is it okay if I get someone else to do it for me?

We are interested in information about the dwelling, not about you as a tenant, so it's fine if someone else answers on your behalf.

I rent from close family or under conditions other than market price. How do I answer?

The survey covers all types of leases - not just market rent leases. We would therefore like you to answer even if you have a "subsidised" rent because you know the landlord or because the landlord is your employer. Please specify the rent you actually pay. If you are "renting" from a cohabitee/spouse/partner/child/parent/sibling, you only need to answer a few questions. If you rent from another family member you must fill in the entire questionnaire. Either way, you will be included in a cash prize draw.

I live in shared accommodation. Should I specify how much I pay or how much we pay in total?

We want to know how much the rent is for the whole flat or house, i.e. how much rent is paid in total. Student bedsits are, however, not considered to be shared accommodation, so in this case you would only specify the rent that you pay on your own.

I am happy to respond to the survey but I have lost the letter with the log in details. Can you send it to me again?

You will receive text messages giving you the opportunity to log in directly via the browser on your mobile phone. If you have not received these, please contact us at svar@ssb.no  and we will send you a new email with information.



A number of us live in the same household, so why have I been selected?

It is coincidental that it is you that has been asked to take part in the survey, and any one of the tenants can answer. We only require information about the dwelling, not about you as an individual. Whoever responds must be 18 years or older.