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Commercial roundwood removals

Figures for 3. quarter 2021

The statistics comprise all commercial roundwood removal except wood fuel, and also show what prices the forest owners obtain for different assortments.

Statistics/ Agriculture, forestry, hunting and fishing
Construction cost index for road construction

Figures for 3. quarter 2021

The construction cost index measures the quarterly costs of road construction and maintenance of roads. The cost indices are not affected by changes in productivity or changes in profit margins. The indices are used primarily to regulate construction contracts.

Statistics/ Prices and price indices
Business tendency survey for manufacturing, mining and quarrying

Figures for 3. quarter 2021

The statistics provide current data on the business cycle for manufacturing, mining and quarrying by collecting business leaders’ assessments of the economic situation and the short-term outlook.

Statistics/ Energy and manufacturing
Research and development in the business enterprise sector

Figures for 2020

The survey measures expenditures for research and development (R&D) in business enterprises, performed by own personnel or purchased services from others, and how the R&D activity is funded. In addition other aspects like type of R&D, thematic fields and co-operation are covered.

Statistics/ Technology and innovation
Optimism in manufacturing

Norwegian industrial managers are reporting an increase in production in the 3rd quarter. At the same time, a historically high proportion of them report that a shortage of raw materials limits production. The general expectations for the 4th quarter of 2021 are still positive among most of the industrial leaders.

Article/ Energy and manufacturing
Electoral turnout

Figures for 2021

The statistics show voter turnout for general elections and municipal council and county council elections by gender, age level of education eg. for country,county and some municipalities. Time series from 1969.

Statistics/ Elections
Sales of petroleum products

Figures for September 2021

The statistics present sales of finished refined petroleum products by industry and by county. The statistics do not include petroleum products used as raw materials or petroleum products consumed in the energy-producing industries.

Statistics/ Energy and manufacturing
International reserves and foreign currency liquidity

Figures for September 2021

The final/preliminary figures for international reserves and foreign currency liquidity are published monthly on behalf of Norges Bank, the central bank of Norway. Publishing of these figures is a part of the central banks obligations according to IMF’s Special Dissemination Standard (SDDS).

Statistics/ External economy

Figures for 2020

The statistics contain information about the prison population per 1 January, days of imprisonments and the different types of entries, transfers and departures during the statistical year. It also provides facts about prison time, types of offences and the person’s age, sex and citizenship.

Statistics/ Social conditions, welfare and crime
Export of salmon

Figures for week 41 2021

Weekly export price and export volume for farmed fresh, chilled and frozen salmon.

Statistics/ External economy