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Export of salmon

Figures for week 19 2022

Weekly export price and export volume for farmed fresh, chilled and frozen salmon.

Statistics/ External economy

Figures for 1. quarter 2022

The statistics shows the population in Norway and in all the Norwegian counties and municipalities. The population figures at the end of the year shows figures for age, sex, marital status and citizenship. Population changes for births, deaths, immigration, emigration and net migration are published quarterly.

Statistics/ Population
Central government revenue and expenditure

Figures for 1. quarter 2022

The central government’s fiscal account shows its total revenue and expenditure. The revenues include tax revenues, contributions to the National Insurance Scheme and petroleum-related revenues. The expenditure consists mainly of transfers, fixed capital formation and operating costs.

Statistics/ Public sector
Operating survey for vessels in water transport

Figures for 2020

The operating survey of vessels in water transport presents turnover and costs specified by type of service, and freight income by vessel type. Analysis is restricted to enterprises operating in water transport.

Statistics/ Transport and tourism
A considerable fall in export price of fresh salmon

In the period May 9th – May 15th the export price of fresh salmon came to NOK 97.65 per kilo, down 9.8 per cent compared to the previous seven-day period.

Article/ External economy
Energy use in the manufacturing sector

Figures for 2021

The statistics show the energy consumption in manufacturing and mining in Norway.

Statistics/ Energy and manufacturing
Livestock husbandry

Figures for 2022

The statistics gives information about holdings with livestock and number of livestock.

Statistics/ Agriculture, forestry, hunting and fishing
External trade in goods

Figures for April 2022

The external trade statistics comprise the development in Norway's trade with other countries in terms of value and volume figures. Aggregated as well as detailed imports and exports figures between Norway and partner countries, trade regions and continents are provided.

Statistics/ External economy

Figures for April 2022

The statistics include production, power exchange and consumption. The monthly electricity statistics should be used when the latest data is needed. The annual figures have more detailed information and also include information on the county/municipal level.

Statistics/ Energy and manufacturing
Electricity prices

Figures for 1. quarter 2022

The quarterly electricity price statistics include information about average electricity prices for households, services and manufacturing in addition to the wholesale market. They also provide information about different types of price contracts by consumer group.

Statistics/ Energy and manufacturing