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Figures for week 21 2023

The statistics cover the number of deaths per week, month and calendar year. Death, death rates, infant mortality and expectation of life can be indications of the general health state of the population.

Statistics/ Population
Patents, design and trademarks

Figures for 2022

The statistics show the number of applications for patents, trademarks and designs sent by enterprises to the Norwegian Industrial Property Office over a year. In addition, it shows enterprises applications by industry and size group, measured by the number of employees.

Statistics/ Technology and innovation
Completion rates of students in higher education

Figures for 2021-2022

The statistics on completion rates in higher education is based on a cohort of new students or those who have completed an education at a certain level in a given year, who are followed to see how they have moved through the education system until completed education.

Statistics/ Education
Turnover index for service activities

Figures for April 2023

The turnover index for services describes the monthly value development within market-oriented service industries defined by main industry areas H, I, J, M and N in Standard Industrial Classification (SN2007), except for M701, M72 and M75. The statistics will later be expanded to also cover the main business area L. Turnover is stated in current prices and is defined as sales revenue of goods and services. Primary users of the statistics are public sector agencies, private sector agencies and organisations within the industries. In Statistics Norway, the statistics are used in the National Accounts and for other research and analysis activities. The statistics can help to follow and analyse ongoing economic development. When publishing a new month, previously published seasonally adjusted figures may be revised.

Statistics/ Wholesale and retail trade and service activities
Financial holding companies

Figures for 2022

A financial holding company is characterised as a parent company in or part of a financial group in accordance with the Financial Business Act. Financial holding companies are not financial institutions in the traditional sense. Their role in the financial market is primarily to manage ownership interests in other financial institutions (their subsidiaries).

Statistics/ Banking and financial markets
Accounting statistics, non-financial enterprises foreign financing

Figures for 1. quarter 2023

The statistics gives an overview over Norwegian non-financial enterprises’ assets, liabilities, ownership, financial income and financial expenses abroad.

Statistics/ Establishments, enterprises and accounts
Academic and special libraries

Figures for 2022

Statistics on academic and special libraries at Norwegian universities and university colleges, public and private special libraries at research institutes and the National Library. These libraries are designed to provide services to students, teachers, researchers and those at the institution of which the library is part. The statistics show a summary of the activity during the year.

Statistics/ Culture and recreation
Religious communities and life stance communities

Figures for 2023

The statistics show how many people are members of religious and life stance communities outside the Church of Norway. Statistics on religious and life stance outside the Church of Norway are based on reports from county governors for communities applying for state subsidies.

Statistics/ Culture and recreation
Price index for new dwellings

Figures for 1. quarter 2023

The Price index for new dwellings consists of two different price indexes: Price index for new multi-dwellings and Price index new detached houses.

Statistics/ Prices and price indices

Figures for April 2023

Accommodation statistics includes guest nights at commercial accommodation establishments and at privately owned holiday homes arranged by Norwegian intermediaries. Commercial accommodation establishments in these statistics refer to hotels, camping sites, short-term holiday dwellings and youth hostels. The accommodation statistics measure the level and development of guest nights at Norwegian accommodation establishments. Guest nights booked through international platforms such as AirBnB are not included. Commercial accommodation covers both supply (open establishments) and demand of guest nights every month. Statistics are published at different regional levels: county, tourism region, municipality and municipality group. Other regions are available on order. Guest nights in private cabins, holiday houses, apartments and rooms arranged by Norwegian-registered intermediaries are published monthly at a regional level.

Statistics/ Transport and tourism