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    Election Panel Survey 2017

    Reporting period: every four years

    Statistics Norway is now conducting a survey where we want to take a closer look at which issues that interest people in the election campaign and Parliamentary Election, and in which ways people acquire information about this.

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    Reporting period: every three years

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    Housing conditions survey

    Reporting period: annually

    In October, Statistics Norway is conducting its annual survey on housing conditions and rent. The survey maps housing conditions and rent prices for different types of rented dwellings in Norway. The purpose of the survey is to produce better and more detailed statistics on the rental market.

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    Living conditions among immigrants

    Reporting period: annually

    The purpose of the survey is to map important aspects of the lives of various immigrant groups in Norway today, as these groups are not sufficiently covered by Statistics Norway’s ordinary surveys on living conditions. Statistics Norway has previously conducted three surveys on living conditions among immigrants; in 1983, 1996 and 2005/2006. The composition of the immigrant population has changed considerably in recent decades and there is now a need to update our information through a new survey.

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    Living conditions and employment

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    Population and housing census 2011

    A new census in Norway took place 19 November 2011.

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    The Survey of Living Conditions (EU-SILC)

    Reporting period: annually

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    The housing panel

    Reporting period: monthly

    Statistics Norway conducts a monthly survey in order to map rents in a sample of Norwegian rented dwellings. In the survey, we ask about rent prices and reasons for any changes from the previous month.

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    Voter survey

    Statistics Norway is now conducting a survey where we want to take a closer look at elections and what makes some people participate while others choose not to. Furthermore, we will examine to what extent the party elections and turnout varies with background. The survey will provide knowledge about how different groups participate in the Norwegian democracy. You are one of 19,000 people sampled for the survey. We would like you to answer regardless of whether you participated in the local and regional elections.