Over the last days several people have notified us about emails from somebody posing as Statistics Norway. Usually the emails include the recipient winning a mobile phone. These emails are not sent from Statistics Norway and should be deleted.


News about Statistics Norway

  • Geir Axelsen ny SSB-sjef

    I dag starter Geir Axelsen (52) som ny administrerende direktør i SSB.

  • Quicker to extract the figures you need


    Statbank Norway has been given a new design and a variety of extra options.

  • Statistical Classifications and Code Lists


    Statistics Norway has launched a new system for standard statistical classifications and code lists, called Klass.

  • Statistics Norway changes release times to 8 am


    Statistics Norway will change its release times for all statistics from 10 am to 8 am. This is an adjustment of an earlier announced new release time of 7 am. The change will be implemented on September 23.

  • All StatBank data is now available as open data

    Statistics Norway has launched a new interface that enables users to extract Statistics Norway’s data and integrate it with their own systems. This new interface is aimed at IT developers, economists, journalists and other large users of statistics.

  • Christine Meyer new head of Statistics Norway


    The King in Council today appointed Christine Meyer (51) as Statistics Norway’s new Director General. Meyer holds an MSc in Economics and Business Administration and a doctorate from the Norwegian School of Economics. She comes from the position of Director of the Competition Authority.

  • Statistics Norway has a high level of compliance with the European Statistics Code of Practice


    Statistics Norway has a high level of compliance with the European Statistics Code of Practice. In some areas, we are considered to be innovative, and in others there is room for improvement. These are some of the findings of reports by European experts from a so-called Peer Review of Statistics Norway in 2014.

  • The Census: comparable and reliable data information on Europe


    Do you need to find out more about the population and housing of your city, region or country? The European Statistical System (ESS) has launced the database Census Hub which provides high-quality, detailed and comparable data on the size and characteristics of the population and the housing stock of Europe.

  • Data from the European Social Survey available

    Statistics Norway has been responsible for data collection in Norway for the European Social Survey since its beginning in 2002. Data can be downloaded from the European Social Surveys webpage.

  • Statistics Norway in Oslo relocated 14 February

    After 20 years at Kongensgate 6, Statistics Norway’s Oslo office is moving to newly renovated premises at Akersveien 26. We will therefore be closed between at 12 noon and 4pm on Friday, with a few exceptions.