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Municipal health care service2019



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Municipal health services, key figures
201920192018 - 20192015 - 2019
Absolute figuresPer 10 000 inhabitantsPercentage change1Percentage change1
1Percentage change is based on absolute figures
2From march 2020 Statistics Norway has adopted a new method that provides better information on settled percentage of full-time equivalent (FTE) in the period 2015-2019. The new method affects the calculation of man-years..
Man-years for physicians in the municipal health service6 093.711.42.211.7
Man-years for physiotherapists5
Absolute figuresPer inhabitantPercentage change1Percentage change1
Gross operating expenditure municipal health in total (1 000 NOK)20 986 6993 9108.135.4
Gross operating expenditure. Preventive health (enviormental health care) (1 000 NOK)1 882 04935110.648.9
Gross operating expenditure. Diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, function 241, (1 000 NOK)14 441 8202 6917.530.5
Absolute figures (1000 NOK)Per inhabitant 0-20 yearsPercentage change1Percentage change1
Gross operating expenditure (Health centres and school health services)4 662 8303 5448.847.2
Absolute figuresPer 10 000 inhabitants 0-20 yearsPer inhabitants1Per inhabitants1
Man-years health centers and school health25 860.644.54.531.4