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Resettlement refugees 2020

Resettlement refugees are people who have fled their home country and who have been transferred to a third country.

Origin and residential influences on the first partnership choices of the children of immigrants in Norway

Using Norwegian register data on migrant-background individuals born 1985 to 2001 who were either native born or who immigrated as children or teens, in combination with data from the World Marriage Database, we investigate how residential partner markets and marriage behavior in countries of origin shape partner choice and choice of union type in Norway

Sharp increase in number of naturalisations

There were 19 700 naturalisations during 2020. This constituted an increase of 49 percent from 2019. The increase was most probably related to the change in the Nationality Act, which came into effect 1st of January 2020 and made holding multiple citizenships legal for all citizens.

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