Coal mining's share of turnover in Svalbard continues to diminish
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The annual industry statistics for Svalbard are produced on the basis of a survey sent to all companies with KAUs in Svalbard. The sharp decline in revenues from coal mining continues to pull down total turnover on Svalbard. Revenues from local KAUs in Svalbard declined by 15.8 per cent from 3.6 billion to NOK 3.0 billion in 2015.

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Coal mining's share of turnover in Svalbard continues to diminish

The sharp decline in revenues from coal mining continues to pull down total turnover on Svalbard. Revenues from local KAUs in Svalbard declined by 15.8 per cent from NOK 3.6 billion to NOK 3.0 billion in 2015.

Svalbard. Industry statistics, by main industry (SIC2007)
Man-yearsTurnover (NOK 1 000)
2015Percentage change from last year2015Percentage change from last year
Svalbard total1 647.71.03 049 153-15.8
Mining and quarrying262.4-25.3593 703-39.0
Manufacturing; Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply; Water supply; sewerage, waste management and remediation activities55.443.5::
Construction196.2-8.9507 573-15.7
Wholesale and retail trade: repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles120.917.3443 565-1.2
Transportation and storage86.1-12.7202 290-43.1
Accommodation and food service activities268.69.5334 09510.2
Information and communication55.2-0.9312 3914.5
Real estate activities5.2-8.892 684-5.0
Professional, scientific and technical activities39.7-3.933 280-25.4
Administrative and support service activities105.29.2190 9920.7
Public administration and defence80.911.76 5992.7
Human health and social work activities66.35.412 544-9.8
Arts, entertainment and recreation95.635.8109 27114.0
Other service activities11.52.77 6052.2

Revenue from coal mining fell by 39.0 per cent to NOK 593 million in 2015 following a decline of 24.0 per cent in 2014. Lower prices in the coal market, due to oversupply and low freight rates, continue to limit coal production in Store Norske. According to the company, the mining activity in 2015 was at the lowest level of operation.

Cost cuts impact on the airline industry

Cost-cutting in Store Norske had a major impact on the airline industry, leading to a sharp fall in turnover for Svalbard’s transport and storage industry. Revenue fell by 43.1 per cent. The increase in tourist traffic was not enough to cushion the fall in passenger traffic stemming from the fall in mining activity.

Major cuts in mining investments

Investments fell from NOK 843 million in 2014 to NOK 570 million in 2015. This was mainly due to lower investments in Store Norske. After two years of high investments in Store Norske, investments in 2015 were back at the 2011 level.

Increase in man-hours performed

Employment levels were maintained at high levels in spite of the downturn in coal mining. Local KAUs on Svalbard employed 1 648 full-time equivalents (FTEs) in 2015; 1.0 per cent more than in 2014.

The downsizing in the mining and extraction industries was offset by employment growth in tourism and cultural activities.

Increase in part-time employees and seasonal work

There was a big drop in the number of full-time jobs within the coal mining industry in 2015. Other industries experiencing employment growth hired more workers on a temporary, seasonal basis and as part-time employees.

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Statistics Norway is responsible for collecting data for industry statistics for Svalbard from the reference year 2008 onwards. In order to be able to compare the industry statistics for Svalbard with the structural business statistics for mainland Norway, the data collection in Svalbard has been carried out using the same principles as for the structural business statistics for mainland Norway.

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Fishery in the waters around Svalbard is included in the national statistics for fisheries. For more details about the capture volume and value in the waters around Svalbard, visit the directorate of fisheries in StatBank. It includes detailed statistics about the fishery protection zone around Svalbard and other nearby hunting zones.