Most enterprises were sole proprietorships and private limited companies


Sole proprietorships and private limited companies were the dominant legal form of enterprises in 2014.

Table 1. Share of enterprises, persons employed and turnover by legal form. 2014

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Approximately half of the 441 510 enterprises in 2014 were sole proprietorships. This legal form constituted 215 093 enterprises. Private limited companies had 20 000 fewer enterprises than sole proprietorships, but had 77 per cent of the total employment.


Lowest employment in the south and the north

There were 35 276 enterprises in Rogaland in 2014, with a total turnover of NOK 1 568 billion. Turnover for enterprises in Oslo amounted to NOK 1 253 billion. Enterprises in Oslo employed 509 928 persons, while their counterparts in Rogaland had 208 255 persons employed. The counties with enterprises with the lowest employment were Aust-Agder and Finnmark. The former had 27 463 persons employed, and the latter 19 625.

High turnover within mining and quarrying

There were 1 115 enterprises in mining and quarrying in 2014, with a total turnover of NOK 1 259 billion. Turnover for enterprises within electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply was NOK 112 billion.

Low turnover within arts, entertainment and recreation

There were 22 500 enterprises with activities in the arts, entertainment and recreation industry in 2014, with a total turnover of NOK 60 billion. Their counterparts in agriculture, forestry and fishing obtained a turnover of NOK 124 billion. However, most enterprises were in this industry, where there were 70 000 enterprises. Sole proprietorships made up 89 per cent of the enterprises in agriculture, forestry and fishing.

Wholesale and retail trade still dominates

Most employees were in wholesale and retail trade, with 368 873 employed persons in 2014. Every enterprise in the industry employed 7 people on average. This industry also achieved the highest total turnover in absolute terms, with NOK 1 485 billion.