Stability in the number of participants in Norwegian for adult immigrants
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In this publication there are errors in the figures for the participants' age distribution. Age at settlement in Norway is used instead of age at the end of the statistical year. In consequence, the participants have been portrayed as younger than they really have been. The table title is corrected in StatBank. The error will not be corrected in this text.

Stability in the number of participants in Norwegian for adult immigrants

The number of persons that participated in Norwegian for adult immigrants has been stable at 37 000 every year from 2010 to 2012. 58 per cent of the participants were women and 42 per cent were men.

Participants in Norwegian by reason for immigration and year
Total37 26136 912
Labour1 5181 531
Family15 29515 571
Escape14 21915 509
Education1 0731 219
Unknown5 1563 082

The statistics on Norwegian for adult immigrants are new and under development. The statistics include adult immigrants that have participated in Norwegian lessons in 2010 and 2011. The statistics include participants under the Norwegian ”Introduksjonsloven”, which entails a right and a duty to participate in Norwegian lessons for at least 550 hours, in addition to lessons in social studies for at least 50 hours.

15 percent came from Somalia

The statistics show that participants from some countries in Asia and Africa are most dominant among the participants. About 5 000 participants had Somalia as their country background in 2012, while 4 300 came from Eritrea.

Many have low educational background

Forty-seven per cent of the participants in Norwegian for adult immigrants had an education at lower secondary level or lower. About 9 per cent had no education. Many of the participants, therefore, have a major need for education in Norway.

Not complete information about allOpen and readClose

The statistics include about 2 200 asylum seekers in 2012. Since this group does not have the Norwegian official personal identity number, we do not have background information on asylum seekers.

Norwegian for adult immigrants should not be confused with the Introduction programmeOpen and readClose

The Introduction programme for adult immigrants is different from Norwegian for adult immigrants since the first is primarily aimed at refugee immigrants. The Introduction programme is also a full-time arrangement for two years.