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5 per cent more with refugee background Articles Population, Immigration and immigrants
55 per cent have taken part in courses and seminars Articles Education
565 000 establishments in Norway Articles Establishments, enterprises and accounts
577 067 establishments in Norway Articles Establishments, enterprises and accounts
58 per cent compliance with treatment permits Articles Nature and the environment
6 000 decares of cultivated land transferred in 2016 Articles Agriculture, forestry, hunting and fishing
6 in 10 men self-supporting after 8 years Statistical analysis 2017 Income and consumption, Immigration and immigrants
6 out of 10 graduates are women Articles Education
60 000 list nominees Articles Elections, Immigration and immigrants
60 per cent of immigrants are employed Articles Labour market and earnings, Immigration and immigrants
68 per cent complete upper secondary on time Indicators on education in the OECD Education
7 000 000 treatments in Norwegian hospitals Articles Health
7 in 10 cabin stays via intermediaries are foreign Articles Transport and tourism
7 in 10 tonnes of goods were transported across the border by foreign lorries Articles Transport and tourism
8 100 children under 15 years victims of violence and sexual offences Articles Social conditions, welfare and crime