The mandate of the Statistics council

The Statistics Council shall strengthen the coordination of official statistics in Norway.

1. The Statistics Council is a consultative body for Statistics Norway and other producers of official statistics in Norway.

2. The Statistics Council shall:

  • Contribute to the coordination of production and dissemination of official statistics.
  • Contribute to establish standards for official statistics with regard to professional independence, quality (relevance and coverage, accuracy, timeliness and punctuality, comparability and coherence, availability and documentation), confidentiality and (the lowest possible) response burden.
  • Promote forms of cooperation that contribute to meet these standards and lead to an efficient production of statistics.
  • Be a forum for competence development, sharing of best practices and good solutions for data collection, production and dissemination of statistics, and data distribution to researchers. This could be done by arranging courses and seminars among other things.
  • Contribute to the coordination of international statistics cooperation as necessary.

3. The Statistics Council shall provide input to an annual report on official statistics in Norway.

4. The Council is headed by the Director General of Statistics Norway and the Council meets at least once a year.

The Statistics Council does not replace other forms or forums for cooperation between the institutions.