In what areas do we provide support?

Statistics Norway offers support in a range of subject areas covering different aspects of the statistical value chain. In recent years, our support has centred around some core areas for which there is also a high demand in our partner institutions.

Economic statistics, modelling and analysis

Statistics Norway is the key actor in the production of official economic statistics and national accounts in Norway, and has a strong research department, where the focus is on research and policy analysis within the field of economics. This enables Statistics Norway to provide partner countries with support to develop capacity, not only in statistics but also in the use of statistics for macro and microeconomic analysis.

Register-based statistical production

Statistics Norway has long been at the forefront of using administrative registers for statistical production – especially within the field of economic and social statistics. Our last population and housing census, for instance, was based entirely on administrative registers. Within the international statistical community, there is a growing trend for register-based solutions, and we endeavour to extend the use of register data in statistics in our partner countries.

Statistics on living conditions

Together with Statistics Sweden and Statistics Denmark, Statistics Norway was instrumental in developing the Nordic model for statistics on living conditions. This model subsequently evolved into rotating statistics on different aspects of living conditions. Statistics Norway has developed a core household survey system for its partners, with a corresponding model for estimating poverty.

Supporting the standard statistical production

Many international institutions and donors that provide support for statistics in developing countries support large-scale operations such as censuses and surveys that are typically only carried out every 5 or 10 years. These are costly operations that demand a lot of resources for field work. Our approach has instead been to support the ongoing standard statistical production and to develop systems that can produce statistics regularly.

Quality assurance of statistical systems

For many years now, Statistics Norway has been an active participant in the development of a European quality assurance framework. We are currently in the process of introducing these systems in our partner institutions, and are implementing standards for developing, producing and disseminating statistics.