How do we organise our institutional cooperation projects?

Developing statistical capacity involves strengthening individual skills. National statistical offices also need to be developed as institutions.

Statistics Norway offers a comprehensive cooperation tools aimed at improving the production of statistics in partner institutions. The mix of tools may vary from project to project, but in general, we recommend a set of core tools that we find necessary to achieve the required progression and cooperation intensity. The common denominator of this core is ‘learning by doing’, an approach that serves the statistical needs of the users whilst also building national statistical capacity.

The tools

Our core tools of cooperation are:

  • Detailed project plans to ensure accountability
  • Seconded long-term advisors to ensure coordination, information and follow-up
  • Supplementary short-term missions within an institutional setting, and followed up by subject-related and coordination staff
  • Detailed project descriptions for the short-term missions prepared by the partner institution
  • Annual or semi-annual meetings with a clear structure and documentation standard
  • Resources for back-up support at institutional level, involving both senior and subject-related staff
  • Study visits to create networks and learn about other institutional set-ups and structures
  • Short and long-term formal training

On-the-job training and funding for education

In addition to our main methodology for human resource capacity-building – which is on-the-job training – support for formal training is also provided in our cooperation projects. This includes courses in statistics, methodology and other subjects, and funding for university degrees.

Building a sustainable system for regular production

In relation to building the capacity of a national statistical office, Statistics Norway stresses the importance of building a sustainable system for the standard production of good quality official statistics, as opposed to only supporting a particular survey or census. Our projects normally include assistance on multi-faceted subjects such as statistical and IT infrastructure, statistical methods and standards, quality and human capacity development, dissemination strategies, management systems and budgeting and accounting procedures.