Information is provided prior to all surveys

A letter explaining the survey is sent to all respondents prior to all surveys where Statistics Norway collects the data directly from respondents.

The letter informs the respondent of the name and purpose of the survey, as well as what topics will be covered, how long and in what form the data will be stored and whether the data will be forwarded to other parties. Where data is to be linked with other register data, details will be given of what the links will entail. Information is also given on your right to opt out of the survey and to withdraw from the survey at any time during the interview or subsequently and demand the data to be deleted.

Interviewing children and adolescents

Children under 15 years of age who are to be interviewed will be contacted through their parents/guardian. Persons aged 15-17 will be contacted directly but information will be sent to their parents/guardian, who will then have the opportunity to decline.

The processing of personal data for the purposes of producing official statistics and research/analysis is warranted under the Statistics Act, and in cases where we collect data from other sources (typically other public administrative bodies), the registered party will not be informed of this.