The Census: comparable and reliable data information on Europe


Do you need to find out more about the population and housing of your city, region or country? The European Statistical System (ESS) has launced the database Census Hub which provides high-quality, detailed and comparable data on the size and characteristics of the population and the housing stock of Europe.

  • How many single parent families are there in your area? How many of these are led by a lone father?
  • How many elderly residents in your area were born abroad? When did they arrive in the country?
  • What proportion of dwellings in your area is over 50 years old? How many of these are unoccupied?
  • How does your area compare with other parts of Europe?

There is now an easy and flexible way to get the detailed information that you need.

The census is a huge and uniquely rich source of data, providing information that is of use to students, researchers, analysts, policy-makers and administrators working in central and local government, academia and in the private sector. Unlike many other statistics, the census can provide information at a detailed geographical level — down to individual municipalities.

These statistics are based on the national census exercises undertaken in EU Member States and EFTA countries during 2011. The National Statistical Institutes (NSIs) have each prepared predefined sets of data and metadata that use harmonised statistical definitions and classifications, which are specified in European statistical legislation. This ensures the comparability and completeness of the statistics.



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