High score for Statistics Norway for information and transparency


A total of 60 per cent of the population report a good overall impression of Statistics Norway, according to Synovate’s most recent survey on the public's impression of 83 government agencies in Norway. This is very much the same result as in recent years. The average score for all agencies was 44 per cent.

Statistics Norway is number nineteen in the rankings for overall impression in 2010; 60 per cent report having a "very good" or "fairly good" impression of Statistics Norway. Ahead of Statistics Norway are – among others – the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, Consumer Ombudsman, National Criminal Investigation Service and Consumer Council of Norway. Only 3 per cent say they have a “slightly” or “very poor” impression of Statistics Norway.





In particular, high earners and residents of South Eastern Norway report having a good overall impression of Statistics Norway.

High score for transparency and information

The survey also maps the public’s impression of the government agencies in the areas of social responsibility (19), efficiency and financial management (7), skills and expertise (19), as well as transparency and information (7). The figures in brackets indicate Statistics Norway's ranking.

The high score for transparency and information is explained by Synovate by referring to Statistics Norway’s information activities on ssb.no: “Statistics and analyses from Statistics Norway give the public access to essential information about Norwegian society”.

About the survey

The survey was conducted by Synovate in June/July/August 2010, and is based on interviews with 1 015 persons aged 15 and over.