Data from the European Social Survey available

Statistics Norway has been responsible for data collection in Norway for the European Social Survey since its beginning in 2002. Data can be downloaded from the European Social Surveys webpage.

European Social Survey (ESS) was conducted for the first time in 2002. The interviews on a variety of social conditions are conducted every second year in about 30 European countries. Data from the sixth survey in 2012 are now ready, and can be downloaded from the ESS webpage .

You will also find data from previous years available on this webpage.

Attitudes, values and behavior patterns in Europe

The purpose of ESS is to gather information on attitudes, values and behavior patterns in European countries, making it possible to study the differences between countries and look at changes over time. The questions in the ESS cover many topics, and many are concern values and attitudes towards important social issues. Examples of topics include occupation, religion, political interest, use of media, trust in social institutions. Half of the questions vary from time to time, and the themes are a result of an international competition where the aim is to investigate questions of political and academic interest.

Data from the previous rounds have been widely used among EU and national governments, politicians, journalists, researchers and students. Norway is one of the countries with most users of these survey results.

The Research Council of Norway is funding

ESS is funded by the EU 5th Framework Programme and with support from the European Science Foundation (ESF), which also was central in the lead up to the survey. Nevertheless, each participating country provides funding for data collection in their respective countries. In Norway The Research Council of Norway has funded the survey.

ESS was awarded the Descartes Prize for 2005. This is one of Europe's most prestigious science competitions organized by the European Commission, and it is the first time a social science project has been awarded the prize.

ESS in Norway

National Coordinator: Professor Kristen Ringdal, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), e-mail: kristen.ringdal@svt.ntnu.no

Contacts: Completion of data collection: Maria Høstmark, e-mail: maria.hostmark@ssb.no .

Other requests: Øyvin Kleven, e-mail: oyvin.kleven@ssb.no