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  • Increase in meat production

    A total of 344 100 tonnes of meat from domestic animals were approved for human consumption in 2016, an increase of 3.5 per cent from the previous year.

  • Almost one in seven registered hunters are women

    In total, 493 000 Norwegian hunters were registered in the official Register of hunters at the end of the hunting year 2016/2017. Women accounted for almost 14 per cent. 

  • Agriculture and environment 2016

    Reports 2017/04

  • Good year for red deer hunting

    A total of 37 700 animals were shot during the hunting year 2016/2017, an increase of 4 000 from the previous hunting year. In comparison, the yield of moose hunting was 31 000 animals.

  • Continued decline in moose hunting

    A total of 30 800 moose were shot during the hunting year 2016/2017; a decrease of 300 animals from the previous hunting year and a decrease of 22 per cent from the record hunting year 1999/2000.

  • Fewer man-years in agriculture

    In the period 1 August 2015–31 July 2016, work input in agriculture amounted to 44 500 man-years, which is a decline of 7 per cent from the previous registration in 2013.

  • Stable forestry income

    A total of 21 050 personal forest owners achieved a profit from forestry in 2015. Average earnings from forestry for these owners were NOK 41 000, exactly the same as in 2014.

  • Agricultural incomes up 10 per cent

    On average, entrepreneurial income from agriculture for farmers amounted to NOK 192 000 in 2015. This represents an increase of NOK 18 000, or 10 per cent, from the previous year. The gross income averaged NOK 642 000. Entrepreneurial income from ...

  • High potato yields in 2016

    The potato production increased by 19 per cent from 2015 to 2016 to a total of 363 200 tonnes. The average decare yield of potatoes was 3 000 kilos in 2016, compared to 2 600 the year before.

  • Investments in agriculture in 2014

    Final figures from the Sample survey of agriculture and forestry 2015 do not differ significantly from preliminary figures published on 17 February 2016. About 13 per cent of the holdings invested in farm buildings in 2014, which is two percentage...

  • Decrease in river catch of salmon

    In 2016, 180 300 salmon, sea trout and migratory char were caught in Norwegian rivers, which is 9 per cent less than in 2015. Of these, 79 per cent were slaughtered and 21 per cent were caught and released.

  • More roundwood sales – falling prices

    A total of 10.4 million cubic metres of industrial roundwood were cut for sale in 2016; an increase of 186 000 cubic metres compared with 2015. In the same period, the average price decreased by 4 per cent.

  • Lower grain yields in 2016

    The total grain production in 2016 is estimated at 1 210 000 tonnes, a decrease of 11 per cent from the year before.

  • Increasing grain area

    The total grain area amounted to 2.89 million decares in 2016, an increase of 24 400 decares from the year before.

  • Low catch – all-time high catch value

    In 2016, Norwegian vessels delivered 2.0 million tonnes of fish, crustaceans and molluscs. This is 12 per cent less than the year before, and the lowest quantity in 25 years. The landed value of the catch came to NOK 18.2 billion, up 8 per cent fr...