Fewer producers - higher production
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Greenhouses and nurseries (discontinued)2006



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Fewer producers - higher production

Preliminary figures for 2006 show that there are 749 greenhouse establishments in Norway. This is a decrease of 22 per cent since the last census in 1999. In the same period, the greenhouse area and production level have increased.

The trend towards fewer greenhouse establishments continues. Figures for previous censuses also show that the total greenhouse area is falling. This trend has now reversed, and in 2006 2 095 decares of greenhouse was registered, an increase of 4.6 per cent from 1999.

Increased greenhouse production

Parallel with the increase in production area there has been a considerable increase in greenhouse production of goods for sale. In total, 114.2 million cut flowers, 35.2 million flowering potted plants and 2.8 million decorative plants were produced in 2006. Compared with 1999 there has only been a decrease in the production of decorative plants, or green plants. Figures from the census indicate that Norwegians use more and more plants in their gardens. The production of bedding plants reached 45.7 million in 2006, an increase of 44.6 per cent from 1999.

The total greenhouse production in 2006 came to NOK 1,84 billion (sales value from producer), of which flowers and green plants accounted for NOK 1.17 billion and vegetables accounted for NOK 664.4 million. The sales value of berries produced in greenhouses accounted for NOK 7.5 million.

Rogaland still greenhouse county no. 1

Rogaland is still the largest county in terms of greenhouses, with 170 producers. The majority of these have specialised in growing vegetables. Out of 153 establishments with tomato production, 99 are located in Rogaland. The total production of tomatoes in greenhouses was 12 261 tonnes in 2006, of which 84 per cent was produced in Rogaland.

New sources of energy

The expenditures for heating and lighting amounted to NOK 360 million in 2006. Electricity was the main source of energy, and the total use amounted to 580 150 MWh. The use of heating oil is falling steadily and amounted to 12.9 million litres in 2006 compared with 43.6 million litres in 1999.

Natural gas is becoming more common, the use of which amounted to 171 880 MWh in 2006. Natural gas was only used in Rogaland. In addition, 5 000 tonnes of propane and 3 800 tonnes of bioenergy was used.

Continued decline in the number of nurseries

153 nurseries produced ornamental plants, fruit trees and berry shrubs in 2006, compared with 223 in 1999. As is the case with greenhouses, the nurseries have increased in size. The total nursery area consisted of 2 510 decares of outdoor area, 499 decares of container-grown plants and 74.8 decares of greenhouse area. The total value of sold plants from nurseries was NOK 183.6 million (sales value from producer).