Further drop in sea catch of salmon
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Sea catches of salmon and sea trout2012/2013



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Further drop in sea catch of salmon

The total catch of wild salmon and sea trout in Norwegian fjords amounted to almost 195 tonnes in 2013. This is 64 tonnes, or 25 per cent, less than in 2012.

Sea catch of salmon and sea trout.
KiloPer centNumber
20132012 - 20132008 - 20132013
Catch, total194 612-25-5042 905
Salmon, total192 269-25-5041 901
Less than 3 kg26 460-49-5911 815
3-7 kg111 227-6-3124 050
over 7 kg54 582-36-656 036
Sea trout2 343-27-621 004

The catches decreased in all counties except Nord-Trøndelag and Nordland. Finnmark and Møre og Romsdal had the biggest drop.

The average weight of salmon was 4.6 kg in 2013, compared with 4.4 kg the year before. Fourteen per cent of the salmon caught weighed under 3 kg, 58 per cent between 3-7 kg and 28 per cent over 7 kg.

Decrease in Finnmark catch

Finnmark is the most important county for sea catches of salmon, with a total catch of 98 tonnes in 2013. This is a decrease of 18 per cent compared with the year before, but still made up 51 per cent of the total catch of salmon in Norway.

Smaller catch of escaped farmed fish

In the coastal counties from Rogaland to Troms it is permitted to fish for escaped farmed fish. The time period for this type of fishing is between 5 August and 28 February. The total catch in 2012/2013 was 7.0 tonnes, of which 6.9 tonnes were salmon and 0.1 tonnes were sea trout. This is 32 per cent less than the previous period. The average weight for salmon was 4.0 kg, and 2.4 kg for sea trout.