Decrease in river catch of salmon
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Decrease in river catch of salmon

In 2013, the total river catch of salmon, sea trout and migratory char amounted to 334 tonnes1. This is 163 tonnes, or 33 per cent, less than in 2012. In addition, 71 tonnes1 of fish were caught and released.

River catch of salmon, sea trout and migratory char. Slaughtered fish and caught and released fish, by weight of fish.
20132012 - 20132010 - 20132013
KiloChange, per centChange, per centNumber
Corrected 20 January 2015.
Slaughtered fish
Total334 359-32.5-23.6143 454
Salmon, total284 041-35.5-25.692 083
Salmon, less tha 3 kg90 853-17.1-25.758 313
Salmon, 3-7 kg116 440-31.8-14.525 393
Salmon, 7 kg and over76 748-52.0-37.88 377
Sea trout and migratory char50 318-8.6-10.351 371
Caught and released fish
Total70 973-22.316.225 442
Salmon, total61 879-27.08.815 955
Salmon, less than 3 kg12 495-7.6-8.68 341
Salmon, 3-7 kg22 045-24.429.74 712
Salmon, 7 kg and over27 339-35.14.42 902
Sea trout and migratory char9 09438.4114.99 487
Figure1. River fishing of salmon

The total catch consisted of 284 tonnes1 of salmon and 50 tonnes of sea trout and migratory char. Compared with 2012, the decrease was 36 per cent for salmon and 9 per cent for the two other species.

Less big salmon

The average weight of salmon caught, but not released, was 3.1 kg in 2013, compared with 3.9 kg in 2012. Sixty-three per cent of the salmon fishes weighed less than 3 kg, 28 per cent1 between 3 and 7 kg and 9 per cent above 7 kg.

Tana on top

Tana and its tributaries was the most important river system in 2013 in terms of tonnes of fish caught, with a total catch of 38.9 tonnes. This is 12.2 tonnes less than in 2012. Next in line were Namsenvassdraget and Altavassdraget. The ranking of the rivers is based on the total catch, including catch and release.

Drop in catch and release

In 2013, 25 400 salmon1, sea trout and migratory char were caught and released into the river again, compared to 25 7001 the year before. Orkla and Gaula were the most important rivers, with catch and release of 1 490 and 1 370 fish respectively.

Finnmark was the county where most fish were released into the rivers again; in total 4 550 salmon and 1 550 sea trout and migratory char. Next in line were Sogn og Fjordane and Sør-Trøndelag.

The average weight for catch and release salmon was 3.9 kg and for sea trout and migratory char 1.0 kg1.

1 The figure is corrected 21 January 2015.