4.1 per cent wage increase
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Tax statistics for personal tax payers. Preliminary figures from the tax assessment show that total wages and remuneration increased by 4.1 per cent to NOK 1 155 billion from 2013 to 2014.

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4.1 per cent wage increase

Preliminary figures from the tax assessment show that total wages and remuneration increased by 4.1 per cent from 2013, and amounted to NOK 1 155 billion in 2014. Residents aged 17 years and older received NOK 1 125 billion of this amount, which is an increase of NOK 44 billion, or 4.1 per cent, from 2013.

Taxable incomes for residents 17 years and older. NOK Million1
201420132013 - 2014
Change in per cent
1Numbers for last year are preliminary.
Wages and remuneration1 124 4581 080 0884.1
Unemployment Benefits11 36610 09312.6
Work Assessment Allowance34 48135 386-2.6
Old-age pensions171 616157 4259.0
Old-age pensions, persons 62-66 years14 40312 01719.9
Disability pension61 72259 2924.1

Wages and remuneration for residents aged 17 and over averaged NOK 390 600 in 2014. This is an increase of 3.2 per cent from the previous year.

Old-age pension

A total of 867 000 persons received an old-age pension in 2014. Of these, 795 000 persons were resident in Norway, and these had a total pension of NOK 172 billion. This was an increase in payments of 9 per cent from 2013, and the number of recipients went up by 35 000. Old-age pension payments to persons aged 62 to 66 years increased by 20 per cent from 2013, or about NOK 2.4 billion.

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The statistics include taxable cash remuneration and other payments from employers that form the basis of the personal tax return. The source of the statistics is the register on End of the Year Certificates for the year 2014.