Hours worked in construction

Reporting periodquarterly


Will we receive a fine if we do not answer?

Yes. A reminder giving the legal basis for a compulsory fine will be sent to you and the case will be transferred to the State Agency for the Recovery of Fines for collection or follow-up action. Be aware that the duty to deliver data does not cease after the fine is paid.


Do we have to answer the survey?

The information is considered to be extremely beneficial to society, and all the establishments that are selected to participate in the survey have an obligation to provide information. In order to be exempt, you have to submit a written application with well-founded reasons. Exemptions will not be granted for applications giving lack of time as a case for exemption.


Need for postponement?

Statistics Norway does not grant postponements for delivery of the data. If you do not deliver within the deadline you will automatically be sent a reminder.


Can we get a paper questionnaire?

Due to instructions from the government on contributing to electronic communication, Statistics Norway no longer provides paper forms. Please contact us if you need assistance and guidance when completing the electronic form.


Should hired labour be included in the report?

Labour hired from employment agencies and enterprises in the construction industry should not be included in the report.


How often and for how long a period will we have to respond to this survey?

The survey is quarterly. All enterprises registered with more than 20 employees are included in the sample. Even if the number of employees is reduced during the year, the enterprise is not exempt from the survey until the data collection for the second quarter in the following year.

Is there an English version of the questionnaire?

Yes, there is an English version of the questionnaire. Choose English language in Altinn for English version.

Where can I find the reported figures from previous quarter?

The survey was changed in the 1st quarter of 2016. Those of you who have reported earlier – via Idun - and have an user-id and password, can still collect your previous data here. From the 2nd quarter of 2016 you will find 1st quarters reported figures in «Min meldingsboks»  in Altinn. For some respondents the figures are not comparable with 4th quarter of 2015.