Evaluating the Design and Performance of the Welfare State

The proposed research project has a broad scope and aims to extend perspectives along several dimensions.

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Project manager
Rolf Aaberge
Project term
01.01.2009 - 31.12.2013
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About the Project

The primary objective of this project is to provide an assessment of the functioning of the welfare systems prevalent in Norway. First, the project aims at evaluating the provision and allocation of public services, and their impact on the distribution of income, social mobility, labour market performance, fertility, and family formation. The public services comprise child care, education, health care, and care for the elderly and disabled, which make up about half of all welfare state transfers in most developed countries. Moreover, we aim at improving the methods for measuring economic multidimensional deprivation and social exclusion, and applying these methods to assess empirically the redistributive functioning of the Norwegian welfare state and compare it to that of other OECD countries.