Janna Bergsvik

Master in Sociology
Senior Executive Officer

About Janna Bergsvik

Janna is graduate student in sociology at the University of Oslo. Her doctoral thesis is part of the project Changing families and the gender revolution financed by the Norwegian research council. She is interested in topics that link spatial, social and normative context to trends in family behavior.

"Within the wider field of family demography, my research focuses on dynamics in couples on the margins of the societal standard, including couples with female main earners, cohabiters with children and families with many children. In my dissertation I will examine possible determinants and consequences of the increase of untraditional union types and the decline of traditional family types. I am particularly interested in topics that intersect family demography and spatial analysis, neighborhood research and the role of social networks and societal norms.

Currently I am working with geographically referenced population wide data from administrative registers at Statistics Norway using different methods as multilevel analysis and instrumental variable analysis to understand relationships regarding transitions to third births and couples’ spatial and social context, i.e. place of residence, neighbors and housing. I further plan to examine how gender norms, union status and commitment impacts relationship quality and stability."

Selected publications

  1. Forsørgermønstre blant par – likestilling eller spesialisering?
    Janna Bergsvik, Ragni Hege Kitterød & Kenneth Aarskaug Wiik