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Electricity pricesQ1 2020


Electricity prices and grid rent for households, quarterly. Øre/kWh1
1st quarter 2020Change in per cent4th quarter 20191st quarter 2019
Last 3 mos.Last 12 mos.
1As from the fourth quarter of 2019 the grid rent without taxes does not include enova tax. As from the same period a double registration of the enova tax of 1 øre/kWh in the grid rent including taxes has been corrected. From January 1st 2004 tax on consumtion of electricity has been collected by the grid company. Therefore the tax on consumtion of electricity is included in the electricity price before 2004 and in the grid rent afterwards. Tax on consumption is not levied in Finnmark and some municipalities in Nord-Troms. Nordland, Troms and Finnmark do not pay VAT.
Electricity price excl. VAT (øre/kWh)26.8-42.7-51.446.855.2
Electricity price incl. VAT (øre/kWh)132.7-42.8-51.557.267.4
Grid rent, excl. taxes (øre/kWh)28.90.0-4.928.930.4
Grid rent, incl. taxes (øre/kWh)155.10.0-
Total price of electricity and grid rent excl. taxes (øre/kWh)55.7-26.4-34.975.785.6
Total price of electricity and grid rent incl. taxes (øre/kWh)187.8-21.8-29.4112.3124.3