Electricity prices in the end-user market, quarterly. Øre/kWh
1st quarter 2020Change in per cent
Øre/KwHLast 3 mos.Last 12 mos.
1New fixed-price contracts are entered during the measuring period, and older fixed-price contracts are entered earlier.
Households. Total price of electricity, grid rent and taxes87.8-21.8-29.4
Electricity price26.8-42.7-51.4
Grid rent28.90.0-4.9
Households. Electricity price by type of contract. Exclusive taxes
New fixed-price contracts-1 year or less135.7-15.6-22.4
New fixed-price contracts-1 year or more133.9-18.9-19.9
All other fixed-price contracts38.33.010.7
Contracts tied to spot price22.9-49.4-56.9
Variable price (not tied to spot price)40.3-23.4-36.6
Business activity. Electricity price. Exclusive taxes
Manufacturing excl. energy-intensive manufacturing22.8-47.1-54.7
ManufacturiEnergy-intensive manufacturing30.1-5.3-7.4