Electricity prices in the end-user market, quarterly. Exclusive taxes. Øre/kWh
1st quarter 2020Change in per cent4th quarter 20191st quarter 2019Breakdown of electricity sales by volume. Per cent
Last 3 mos.Last 12 mos.
1New fixed-price contracts are entered during the measuring period, and older fixed-price contracts are entered earlier.
2Average for all types of contracts, incl. new fixed-price contracts and variable price (not tied to spot price). Pulp and paper industry is included in energy-intensive manufacturing.
New fixed-price contracts, 1-year or less, households135.7-15.6-22.442.346.00.5
New fixed-price contracts, more than 1-year, households133.9-18.9-19.941.842.30.1
Older fixed-price contracts, households38.33.010.737.234.61.7
Contracts tied to spot price, households22.9-49.4-56.945.353.177.1
Variable price contracts, households40.3-23.4-36.652.663.620.6
New fixed-price contracts, services139.11.615.338.533.93.2
Older fixed-price contracts, services138.013.8-5.933.440.44.1
Contracts tied to spot price, services23.0-47.1-55.443.551.686.6
Variable price contracts, services30.5-33.7-
New fixed-price contracts, manufacturing excl. energy-intensive manufacturing132.3-18.2-12.939.537.11.2
Older fixed-price contracts, manufacturing excl. energy-intensive manufacturing134.10.31.834.033.56.6
Contracts tied to spot price, manufacturing excl. energy-intensive manufacturing21.6-50.5-57.943.651.387.0
Variable price contracts, manufacturing excl. energy-intensive manufacturing25.3-44.6-55.145.756.45.2
ENERGY-INTENSIVE MANUFACTURING230.1-5.3-7.431.832.5100.0
Fixed-price contracts and contracts not entered in the market, energy-intensive manufacturing::::::
Contracts tied to spot price, energy-intensive manufacturing15.9-59.4-65.339.245.8: